Saturday, 12 June 2010

England Need Luck. Lots of Luck.

The BBC had Jürgen Klinsmann on their panel today to review Argentina's first game against Nigeria. He said a few insightful, interesting things which made a lot of sense. 

Being a World Cup winner himself with Germany, beating opposition of Argentina once in the final in 1990, and also playing big parts in two other World Cups as a player, he was able to give Lineker a bit of advice on how England could possibly win the World Cup this year. It wasn't so much advice as it was just logic that the press in England don't seem to understand. 

When asked why Germany have been so much more successful in World Cups than England have, despite their obvious talent, he told us that it was simply that little bit of luck that sometimes - or most of the time eludes England. He went on to say how the press in England are very "particular", and can put a lot of pressure on our English players to succeed. He pointed out England's unsuccessfulness in taking penalty's and suggested that maybe the players think, and worry too much about it, in comparison to Germans who are less pressurised by their home press and get on with the job at hand.

In the past few weeks, the press have been singing and shouting about the importance of Wayne Rooney, and saying that if he plays badly, England don't have a chance. If that isn't too much pressure, I don't know what is. The fact is, England are a team. Everyone should play together and help each-other out. We know Wayne Rooney is important, but this needless added pressure is not wanted and clearly hampers England's chances. 
Lets take some advice from the German. Lets not put added pressure on our team. Lets support England!

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