Friday, 10 December 2010

Wenger: Evra Lacking in Respect after Arsenal "Crisis" Comments

Patrice Evra Patrice Evra of Manchester United in action during the UEFA Champions League Group C match between Manchester United and Bursaspor Kulubu at Old Trafford on October 20, 2010 in Manchester, England.The build up and tough talk before big games like the Arsenal - United clash on Monday are always fiesty. There are always the outspoken players, passionate about their own club and slightly disrespectful to the opposition club in attempt to fuel the fire and tension that will be carried into the game. Patrice Evra is the bearer of this burden this time, and he has faced a cool back lash from Arsene Wenger.

Evra stated that Arsenal were in crisis due to the lack of trophies in the past few years, whilst claiming that Arsenal have no chance of winning the league, he also suggested that Arsenal are simply a "training centre" for youngsters.

Wenger is a footballing manager. He likes to play and watch good football, and he also likes to win - but on the pitch in a war of footballing skills, not a war of words. Wenger dismissed Evra's comments:
"He gave you some good stuff to make it all hot before the game. We are guided by the way we want to play football and not by the statements of anybody who plays against us. Personally, I believe if you are a big player you always respect your opponent and that is what we try to do."
"We want to focus on the way we want to play and ignore any provocation before a game. We are motivated by the desire to win the game and by the quality of the football we want to play."
Patrice Evra isn't inexperienced when it come to controversy. He was after all involved in the disgrace of a French side at the World Cup who proved an absolute shambles in which he was the captain. The Frenchman will have to stay out of trouble on Monday though as the two big clubs take to the stage in the battle for first place - he could be up against the speedy Theo Walcott and the (very) in form Samir Nasri. If anything, he should be afraid... very afraid.

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